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CallumBowen's News

Posted by CallumBowen - October 25th, 2015

Hope everyone will have an awesome and safe Halloween this week!

My submission for the spooktacular has arrived and I hope you enjoy it!



Posted by CallumBowen - January 5th, 2015

Hello fellow Newgrounders!

I just want to say thank you because I have just hit 200 followers! This means so much for me and it gives me the adrenaline to keep going. What have I been doing last year? Well not much just personal things I had to sort out. I was supposed to be in university studing animation in September, However due to financial reasons I had to back out. I got depressed for a short while and just gave up. Everytime I had tried to get to back to animating I always have the same thoughts in my head.

What is the point?

I am never getting anywhere with this.

Waste of time

No one even watches my stuff

So for the past months I have been procastinating (apart from voicework) Until I jumped back on newgrounds to find out I been gaining followers on here and twitter. I am sorry I havent put out content for a big while and I do want to keep on going . I am planning to put out a cartoon pitch to Cartoon Hangover with storyboards I have finished the script and it now needs to be on paper. So again thank you for following me because this is just the beginning.

I am still available for voice acting, so If you need a Voice Actor, feel free to PM me. Here is my voice demo http://newgrounds.com/audio/listen/547281

I recommend playing Video game: The game DO IT!!! http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/649289

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter (Thats where I hang at the most apart from Newgrounds) https://twitter.com/callum_bowen

Posted by CallumBowen - February 12th, 2014

Hello! I have just realised an update video which I would like for you to watch! It contains my future plans and me ssigning with Channel Frederator!!! I will be uploading to newgrounds as usual dont worry I haven't forgot about you guys!


Posted by CallumBowen - November 11th, 2013

I found a Wacom Cintiq 12WX on ebay for under £400 (It costs £1000 on amazon!) So I thought screw it, I must get one! I have a play with it and it is fun to use, though I need to use it a lot if I want to get good with it, Got a idea for a short video so expect something from me either next week or 2 weeks from now.

Shhh rest now... your journey has just begun

Got a new tablet!!

Posted by CallumBowen - August 28th, 2013


Get AdCock

If you support this Ad block campaign, you are stupid. They just want your money...to create adverts!!

oh the irony...

Whether you like or not, most websites such as Youtube and Facebook need advertisements to keep their site up and running otherwise their revenues will decrease and websites will have to think of something else to get money or will shut down D:

I get paid by Google because I run adverts on my videos. I get paid for something I like doing!! Clicking the skip button is not only helping youtube but the creative individuals like us newgrounders to keep going and creating awesome content!!

Who is funding TV channels and radio stations? Oh that's right adverts!!! That's why they have them otherwise they wont exist!! Yet people don't give a shit about commercials but ads on the internet *GAAAASP* IT'S A BIG DEAL!!!

Newgrounds uses the support system and it is a great way for removing adverts and contributing to the site at the same time! I do not care if it is $25 because this website deserves any donations for its content that is different than anywhere else. so if you have not done this yet! DO IT NOW! Newgrounds Supporter

TLDR; Dont get adblock and don't support these money grabbing assholes!!

Btw: adblock plus and GetAdblock are two different things so don't get confused!!

Posted by CallumBowen - August 10th, 2013

And also my new Animation is up go check it out!!

Portal 2 Aftermath Part 3

Callum Bowen's Tumblr

So yeah follow me on there and such and I will be posting stuff about my upcoming animation series only on Tumblr. And I will follow you back!!

#notgoingtohappen #maybeiwill

I am also on Tumblr...

Posted by CallumBowen - July 5th, 2013

Hello! This used to be punkmetalguy31 but I had my name changed to my real name since I pretty much want my name to be out there in the fantasy world of the internet rather than someone is a guy who likes punk and metal...and the number 31.

So I finished my last year at college last week, so now I have free time to work on my animations (about time!!) Right now I am working on Portal 2 Aftermath part 3 since this is my most requested animation right now and it is nearly done :)

If you have not seen the first two then here are the links
Portal 2 Aftermath
Portal 2 Aftermath Part 2

During the last week of college I showed my work in progress of Dilwyn Episode 4 and so far I had great feedback from the people who viewed my animation. Link

Dilwyn Episode 4 is coming . Hopefully the first part will be released next month. Here is the episode so far ( obviusly it is not finished and it is a work in progress)

Dilwyn Episode 4 WIP

I am also in the drawing stage of a new series I would like to do, I got a long way to go before the main animation such as a actual story and setting for a start but so far I have been drawing character concepts. Here is one of them

Updates and stuff

Posted by CallumBowen - December 18th, 2012

Hello :D

Well my christmas break starts now and I bloody need it after these past couple of weeks! Hope everyone is doing good at their finals this week.

I would like to thank everyone who auditioned for episode 4. It was tough finding the right voice but they how I imagined them :D.

Here is the full cast including the main characters:

Dilwyn - Eyesadrift

Alice 2.0 - Mikichu

Goldair - Big-Jonny-13

Jewut - MarsAssassin

Bitchface - Alexander Jenkins

Mayor - DahDoctow

Hope - Eyesadrift

White Rabbit - Big-Jonny-13

Mock Turtle - AmazingBouy

Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Alexander Jenkins

Caterpillar - MarsAssassin

Frog Footman - Keith Winterburn

Gryphon - Seshido

Cheshire Cat - Eyesadrift

March Hare - DahDoctow

Dormouse - VoiceActorFoSho

Mad Hatter - Eyesadrift

Queen of Hearts - Dellaciel

Queen Alice - Dellaciel

Jabberwock - Seshido

I will start the animation in January when i come back but in the meantime there is some sketches I need to do by then. I completed my storyboards last week and it was a bitch to do. Here is a page from one of the storyboards. There is a total of 42 pages!!

Dilwyn Update: Full cast and storyboards

Posted by CallumBowen - December 3rd, 2012

Hello :D
I have not been on here for a while because my computer broke down 3 weeks ago and it only got fixed a couple of days ago. Luckily I backed up everything but also I have installed Flash CS6 :P I got to do the storyboards for the episode in the meantime which drove me insane. 42 pages of just drawings...wow. But now I got my computer back so no more of that :P
Oh internet ...you disgusting perverted creature.... i missed you.

I am in need of voice actors to help me for this episode. the bbs post can be found here
There will be support characters in this episode so I am holding an voice audition for these characters

Here are each character descriptions with the audition line/s.

Queen Alice (Female, British Accent)

"I knew this day would come".

*laughs* "I AM Wonderland! Without me, Wonderland is nothing.

Queen Of Hearts (Female, Urge of dying)

"You're wrong."

"I'm sorry Alice but... you lost.

Dormouse (Male or Female, must sound drunk)

"Twinkle Twinkle little bat. How I wonder- oh God!" *vomits*

Jabberwock (Male, Deep evil voice, just the raw voice I will deal with any effects)

Gryphon (Male, use any voice you want)
"Your stories were never good anyway"

UPDATE: After a couple of requests and me being a idiot before. The jabberwock and Gryphon lines are back open :D

For the love of god use a good microphone. Please name your audition with your character you chosen and your name/username (eg GryphonPunkmetalguy31)
to punkmetalguy31@gmail.com with the subject name Dilwyn Episode 4 Audition. If you have a voice demo on newgrounds or another site please let me know!
Feel free to do more than one character if you want. The deadline is December 15th (Next Saturday)
I will message you if you are chosen. If you have any questions. Feel free to pm me

Thanks NG.

This is the reason I cant draw at home

Dilwyn Update: Voice Actor/Actress Needed

Posted by CallumBowen - November 5th, 2012

Hello! :D

All I have been doing is drawing drawing drawing which does get boring for hours straight. The characters all has new looks and in my opinion look much better than before. To see the designs in full form plus new ones that are not below please go to this link

https://www.facebook.com/DilwynOfficialPage (and like the page too please :P)

The script has been re-edited and it is now completely finished at 20 pages!!! the voice actors will have their lines this week.

I will be drawing rough sketches of the environments you will se in the next episode then it will then onto the computer finally :D stay tuned.

I read this creepypasta for Halloween go check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcNMVNIQslE

What do you think of their new designs? feel free to comment :)

Dilwyn Update 5/11/12