Updates and stuff

2013-07-05 22:33:25 by CallumBowen

Hello! This used to be punkmetalguy31 but I had my name changed to my real name since I pretty much want my name to be out there in the fantasy world of the internet rather than someone is a guy who likes punk and metal...and the number 31.

So I finished my last year at college last week, so now I have free time to work on my animations (about time!!) Right now I am working on Portal 2 Aftermath part 3 since this is my most requested animation right now and it is nearly done :)

If you have not seen the first two then here are the links
Portal 2 Aftermath
Portal 2 Aftermath Part 2

During the last week of college I showed my work in progress of Dilwyn Episode 4 and so far I had great feedback from the people who viewed my animation. Link

Dilwyn Episode 4 is coming . Hopefully the first part will be released next month. Here is the episode so far ( obviusly it is not finished and it is a work in progress)

Dilwyn Episode 4 WIP

I am also in the drawing stage of a new series I would like to do, I got a long way to go before the main animation such as a actual story and setting for a start but so far I have been drawing character concepts. Here is one of them

Updates and stuff


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2013-07-06 23:59:32

your profile pic looks very familiar.

CallumBowen responds:

I will admit that it does looks like Jeff the killer haha