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This short is sweet and the colours on the characters work so well with the snow and sky. The characters don't speak at all and that is fantastic! Definitely gives you the winter feel after watching it. Great job man! :D

R.I.P Guy who said there was a problem.

One of the funniest Minecraft parodies yet! I keep forgetting this was not made using a 3D program!! Good Work!
Are you going to upload the disco music because it is awesome!!!

Pennaz responds:

Thank you very much!
I didn't think someone would actually enjoy the music! If you're intrested I can send them to you via dumping grounds! If I get some more requests I'll dare to upload them on the portal as well! ;)

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good :D

it is a good game, i would preffered if you could use the arrows keys instead of the buttons cause my fingers were getting tired after 15 mins lol

keep up the good stuff :D


I myself am using the EDWARD Platfrom engine and your game looks fantasic so far
like you said, your gonna put enemies, health bar etc so i cant wait for that :D
not only EDWARD makes a cameo when you climb lol
but when you jump on those black guys, you can still see the ealry sprite of the enemy if you noticed thats all
also for NG's sake i wouldnt upload another version of this game again on this site
cause your not allowed demos on here
go on spamtheweb . com to place your game and copy the link to the EDWARD forum.
overall, this game looks and plays fantasic
thanks :D
oh and btw
im rawrguyx6 on the EDWARD forum haha :p

armyboyls responds:

Thanks a lot i didnt knew that it wasnt allowed to upload "versions" thanks for the info, i think ill just change the file whenits finished, i just arrived to the edward forum last week and it was soooo lonely its nice to see people from there!

Thanks for the review, points and advise!

I bloody Love This game

just managed to get all the medals! woop
best week i have ever wasted :P

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awesome stuff doode :D

fibbles was the best one :P

EyesAdrift responds:

Hey man thanks! Where have you been? Haven't talked to you in a while man.


could this be the new leo and satan?....
its gotta be :D

EyesAdrift responds:

I doubt that man. I appreciate that, I really like Leo and Satan. Those are some talented guys. I'm not that talented, I couldn't come up with grade A stuff. This is like C grade or something haha. I made this out of boredom, waiting for some lines to voice. :) I'm glad that people are liking it though.

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The orange definitely stands out at lot more compared to the light blue one. Orange and blue makes the fairy character more cool and energetic!

to me it looks lke a demented bart simpsons!!
awesome stuff dude! :D

koroboy responds:

Thanx ! ...Bart Simpson, really ?!


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